The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

Part VI: General


In the event of any error or omission regarding this Constitution the Chairperson shall, as the last resort, rule on any matter having regard to the principles of democracy and fairness as set out in the statement of belief, Preamble and Charter of Values attached hereto. The Chairperson shall submit his decision for final consideration at the next meeting of the Council.

Article 24: AMENDMENTS

The Council shall have the power to amend, alter and interpret this Constitution and its Charter of Values save that
no amendment/alteration shall be made without special notice of such amendment / alternation having been given two months before the meeting of council;
any amendment/alteration shall be approved by a majority of two thirds of those present at a general meeting and voting;
no such amendment or variation shall directly or indirectly or consequently derogate from or conflict with the letter or spirit of the objectives of this constitution or of this statement of belief and Preamble as herein set out.


The DUA may be wound up and dissolved, provided that

  • Not less than one hundred and eighty (180) days' prior written notice has been given to all Members of the DUA, which notice shall expressly give notice of the fact that a resolution for dissolution of the DUA is to be proposed and of the name or names of the members who intend to propose such a motion;
  • A resolution to dissolve the DUA may only be proposed at a general meeting of the Council duly convened and held in accordance with the aforegoing provisions;
    No resolution to dissolve the DUA shall be valid or effectual unless or until it is consented to by at least two thirds majority of the paid up Members and Observers of the DUA at a meeting duly convened and held in accordance with the aforegoing provisions;
  • Such resolution shall also include due provision for the disposal of any remaining assets of the DUA;
  • The dissolution of the DUA comes into effect when it has been approved by the Council and the Secretariat is being empowered to finalise all matters concerning the dissolution; and
  • In the unlikely event that the dissolution of the DUA is approved by the Council, any assets remaining after its liabilities have been met, will be transferred to another non-governmental non-profit organisation having similar objectives.


In this constitution, the masculine shall include the feminine and impersonal and the singular shall include the plural and vice versa as the context may require.

The head notes appearing in this constitution shall not be read as part thereof, having been inserted merely for the convenience of reference.

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