The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

Part V: Executive Committee


There shall be an executive committee which shall meet as required and act on behalf of the council between annual general meetings.


The executive committee shall comprise:

  1. A Chairperson who shall chair all meetings of the Council and Executive Committee and who shall serve for not more than two (2) terms of office which in any event shall not extend more than three (3) calendar years from the date of such Chairperson's election after the adoption of this Constitution. The Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote where voting would otherwise be declared equal, save for voting on election for office bearers. The Chairperson shall ultimately be responsible for the work of the DU A;
  2. Up to four (4) Vice-chairpersons, each tasked with specific duties relating to the activities of the DUA as may be decided upon from time to time by the Council or the Executive Committee. One of the Vice-Chairpersons shall serve as Honorary Treasurer of the DUA;
  3. The Chairperson of the African Working Group on Foreign Affairs;
  4. The ex officio Executives of the DUA Secretariat, who shall be responsible to the Chairperson, the Executive Committee and the Council for the administration of the DUA;
  5. Such non-voting representatives of Members who have been co-opted by the Executive Committee by unanimous decision to serve on the Executive Committee;
  6. No Member shall have more than two (2) elected office bearers serving on the Executive Committee; and
  7. A quorum of any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be four (4). The Committee may meet by means of conference call.


All the nominations of individuals to stand on the Executive Committee must be submitted to the Secretariat by the commencement of the annual Council meeting. They will be elected at each annual meeting. The nomination will only be valid if;

  1. It is signed by the candidate who is from a party that is a Member of the DUA; and
  2. The candidate is a representative of a Member party and nomination has been ratified by the leader, chairperson or president of the Member party


An office bearer may be suspended from office on a motion that the office bearer has contravened the letter and/or spirit of the Preamble and Charter of Values and if a motion to do so is supported by two thirds of the Council, on advice of a special disciplinary committee as provided for in 12.10 above.


The Executive Committee shall have power and authority to do all such things and take all such steps as may appear to be necessary or desirable to further the intentions of the DUA, or as may be necessary or incidental to the administration and control thereof as directed by council. In the particular the Executive Committee shall have the powers:

to receive gifts and donations, providing that all donations accepted by the DUA shall be accepted on conditions consistent with the Preamble of the DUA and the DUA shall not accept or be party to any agreement or arrangement for any donation which directly or indirectly goes against the statement of belief of the DUA, and to undertake activities designed to raise funds to be utilised for the purposes of the DUA;

  1. To own, purchase, sell hire, lease, mortgage, pledge or in any other way alienate or deal with both movable and immovable property and furthermore perform all such legal activities normally associated with a body corporate or specifically authorised by this constitution;
  2. To have all monies received and collected in the name of the DUA vest in the DUA itself;
  3. To invest the assets of the DUA in such a manner as its Executive Committee shall deem fit from time to time; and
  4. To draft the Annual Budget and decide on subscription fees, subject to approval by the Council, and to present annual financial statements.

Any capital and income of the DUA shall be applied by the Executive Committee for the promotion or attainment of the objectives of the DUA provided that the receipts and accruals of the DUA whether current or accumulated, shall not be divided amongst or credited to or ensure to the benefit of the Executive Committee, other than by way of remuneration for services rendered.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to delegate its duties to the Chairman or any sub committee consisting of as many members as may be deemed to be necessary.


The Executives of the DUA shall:

  1. Manage and control the financial affairs of the DUA;
  2. Prescribe the procedure to be followed by any formation of the DUA with regard to finance;
  3. Be empowered to open or close any banking or similar account and perform the functions related to the operation of such accounts;
  4. Keep proper books of account;
  5. Annually appoint auditors; and
  6. Annually cause financial statements to be prepared and certified by the auditors within 6 months after the end of the financial year in question; and have such financial statements available for inspection by the Council.

The end of the financial year of the DUA shall be the 31st day of March of each year.


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