The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

Part III: Council and It's Powers


There shall be a Council of the DUA which shall be the highest constitutional and governing body of the DUA. The Council shall meet once every calendar year unless the Executive Committee decides that due to extraordinary circumstances the meeting must be postponed. The meeting venue shall be decided by the Executive Committee.


Council shall consist of all office bearers elected and co-opted by members of the DUA, one representative from each of the members of the DUA, and one observer representative from the International Democrat Union.


  1. elect and dismiss the office bearers, and hear appeals in terms of paragraph nine, part two.
  2. elect honorary patrons;
  3. consider the reports of the Executive Committee;
  4. consider reports from members;
  5. establish the objectives, policies and broader range of activities of the DUA;
  6. vote on applications for membership;
  7. consider amendments to this constitution;
  8. transact such other business as may be brought before it by notice given to the Chairman of the Executive Committee at least twenty eight (28) days prior to the annual meeting of the Council;
  9. transact such business as two thirds attending the meeting agree may be included on the agenda of the meeting without notice having been given in terms of paragraph 12.8 above;
  10. to commission special committees, including a disciplinary committee of three persons, and an African Working Group on Foreign Affairs, and request reports from such committees.
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