The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

Part I: Name, Objectives, Powers

Article 1: NAME

The name of the organisation shall be the Democrat Union of Africa, hereinafter referred to as "DUA". The DUA is a non-profit non-governmental organisation.


The DUA abides by the principles stated in the preamble and the Charter of Values and in particular believes in and abides by the following principles;

  • democratic, accountable and transparent governments of the people, for the people and by the people of Africa;
  • respect for internationally recognised human rights;
  • a constitutional separation of powers between executive, legislature and judiciary in Africa;
  • effective, efficient and streamlined governments;
  • economic policies based on free market principles;
  • equality between men and women; and
  • multiparty democracy conducted on the basis of peaceful politics and regular free and fair elections.


The main object for which the DUA is established as to provide a forum for discussion between member organisations, citizens of African countries, scholars and policy makers on issues of democracy, good government, economic policy, human and individual rights and human development with a view to promoting the implementation of the principles contained in the statement of belief given in paragraph 2 above in Africa.

Consistent with the main objective of the DUA, its further objectives are:

  • to hold, facilitate, fund and organise national and international conferences; to fund, facilitate, organise and co-ordinate public policy research into all aspects of government throughout Africa;
  • to publish and facilitate the publishing of books, papers, pamphlets and any other publications which promote the principles of the DUA;
  • to assist political parties and other bodies, associations and groups having the same or similar objectives;
  • to monitor and report on events which occur throughout Africa which either promote or impede democratic reform in Africa;
  • to promote and defend the ideals and cultural heritage of pluralist democracies in Africa;
  • to fight against corruption in the body politic of African countries;
  • to promote harmony and foster political tolerance throughout Africa;
  • to do all things and to engage in all activities generally which are necessary to any of the afore going specified objectives of the DUA; and
  • to do all things, within means, as may be necessary to assist member parties in achieving these goals.


The DUA shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and shall be capable of suing and being sued in its own name. The Chairperson of the DUA shall represent the DUA in all legal proceedings by or against it, but shall be entitled to delegate the power to institute or defend legal proceedings or otherwise represent the DUA in legal proceedings, to the Executive Secretariat of the DUA.

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