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DUA Youth School held
Posted:(Aug 15 2012)
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 ‘The Youth of Africa must create an environment where Africans can be owners of the continent rather than squatters’. These were the words of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA) of Namibia President Katuutire Kaura when he welcomed delegates to the 2012 Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) Youth School in Windhoek on Saturday 11 August 2012. He advised the Youth to refrain from the mistakes committed by the current leaders of the continent who were deeply engrossed in corruption, nepotism and greed neglecting the masses of the people.  He tasked the youth to be able to create an environment where Africans can be owners of the continent rather than squatters.

The DTA President encouraged the Youth to consume locally made goods on the continent rather than consuming almost everything from the west. Africa, he said should not always be suppliers of raw materials but should add value to earn more foreign exchange. This was the only way to stem the constant headache of unemployment on the continent. Once the Youth are employed they will put to good use their talents to help move the continent from her present situation.

Touching on local politics in Namibia, Mr. Kaura criticised the judiciary in Namibia for their inexcusable delay in passing a judgement on a court case brought by the opposition. He accused the ruling party/government of masterminding a rigging regime where over 60,000 of the votes from last year’s elections were not accounted for. He urged the courts to expedite action to enable the Parties know the outcome and plan their activities accordingly.

The Youth School for the first time had delegates from People’s Party of Malawi and the Sierra Leone People’s Party of Sierra Leone being represented and they were fully acknowledged when the Honorary Chairman of DUA Peter Mac Manu welcomed participants on behalf of the DUA Chairman Dr. Kizza Besigye.

He further espoused the significance and importance of the DUA. He said ‘DUA is a working association of democratic parties in Africa and like minded political parties of the centre and centre right. DUA provides a forum in which parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organisational interest, so that they can learn from each other act together, establish contacts and speak with one strong voice to promote democracy and centre, centre right policies around Africa’.

Mr. Peter Mac Manu said the Youth School signified an important chapter in the journey of the DUA Youth to imbibe the tenets of the principles of a free society.  It sought to build capacities of the Youth, exchange idea and share differences in the strengthening of multiparty democracy in Africa.  He said he knew some valuable lessons would be learnt at the meeting would go a long way into improving the internal organisation of the various political parties represented.


He concluded by thanking the Conservative Party of UK (WFD) and Philippa Broom, the International Secretary of the Conservative Party for providing resources and technical support to the conference and the ones before. 

A resource person, James Marriott, Secretary General of the International Young Democratic Union (IYDU) and a member of the Conservative Party also gave an introduction on the work of the IYDU. He gave a brief on the linkages between the International Democrat Union (IDU), IYDU and DUA. The second resource person Hon. Andrew Stephenson, a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons reiterated the commitment of the Conservative Party to promote democracy on the continent and strengthen the internal democracies of the centre-right political parties on the continent.

Charles Owiredu, the Secretary General of DUA informed delegates on the programmes of the Union and encouraged them to share experiences and learn best practices and be prepared to replicate the knowledge when they return. He extended greetings from the DUA Chairman, Dr. Kizza Besigye to the delegates.








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