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DUA Women meet in Lesotho to strategise
Posted:(Apr 28 2014)
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The seminar on issues based campaign for women of the Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) was held in Lesotho from the 25-27 April 2014. The seminar was attended by members of the Women Wing of the Southern African political parties which included Peoples’ Party (PP) of Malawi, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) of Botswana, Movement for Democracy of Mozambique (MDM) of Mozambique and the host party Basotho National Party (BNP) of Lesotho.
Charles Owiredu, the Secretary General of DUA welcomed all the participants to the seminar and entreated them to take the seminar serious because such seminars have opened the doors for DUA women to climb the leadership ladder. He encouraged the participants to share ideas and learn from each other. He further outlined some of the prominent values of the centre-right parties. He thanked the Conservative Party for their support of the seminar and urged the participants to make good use of the opportunity provided by the sponsors.
Duncan Macfarlane and Louise Parry who were the resource persons took turns to introduce themselves and their relationship with the political parties in Africa. They also spoke about the Conservative Party and her cooperation with DUA.
The Secretary General of the Basotho National Party (BNP) Francis Lesojane Leuta welcomed all the participants to Lesotho. He said BNP went through an election over a month ago to elect new officers at all levels of the Party and now the Party had an enthusiastic team of youthful officers across the country. He further said that, as the newly elected Secretary General of the Party, he would deepen the cooperation between the BNP and DUA and that of BNP and the Conservative Party. The Secretary General narrated the historical connection between the Kingdom of Lesotho and the United Kingdom. He stated some of the challenges faced by the BNP in the current coalition government and hoped the Party would strengthen her structures to be able to win the next elections outright. He thanked the Conservative Party for sponsoring the seminar.


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