The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

Membership and Election to Membership


Membership of the DUA is open to all persons, political parties or organisations who declare support for and abide by the DUA Charter of Values, and the Objectives. Membership is attained upon application to the Secretariat of the DUA and a unanimous decision by the Executive Committee to propose the registered political party for membership. The vote of the Executive Committee to recommend a political party for membership of the DUA shall be ratified at the next meeting of the Council of the DUA and in the interim such political party shall be entitled to attend meetings as an observer. The principle of unanimous decision-making implies that each member shall have a reasoned veto, in other words a veto used with caution and constraint, and fully explained when exercised.

Categories of Membership

Membership of the DUA shall fall into the following categories under the stated conditions as to eligibility, rights and privileges

  1. Members of the DUA

  2. Any registered political party of national significance of a country within the continent of Africa and its surrounding islands shall be eligible for election as a member of the DUA. Such members shall subscribe annually to the funds of DUA, such sum to be determined by the Executive Committee. A member shall have the right to attend and participate in all meetings of the DUA and may exercise a single vote at meetings of the Council. However, the observers shall have no voting right.


  3. Members of the DUA'S African Dialogue Group (DUA/ADG)

  4. Any individual person, political party or organisation who does not desire or does not qualify for Membership of the DUA may apply for membership of the DUA's ADG. Membership of the DUA's ADG shall be granted if, at least three quarters of the Members represented at a meeting of the Council support a motion to do so, provided that notification of the motion is given in the notice of the Council meeting.

Membership of the IDU

Future applications by member parties of the DUA to become members of the International Democratic Union (IDU) will be sponsored by the DUA, who will assess and make recommendations on the application to the Executive of the IDU. Only members that qualify and are members of the DUA may apply for membership of the IDU. No party may be a member of the IDU without being a member of the DUA.

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