The Democrat Union of Africa DUA

DUA Goals and Objectives

The main goal/object for which the DUA is established as to provide a forum for discussion between member organisations, citizens of African countries, scholars and policy makers on issues of democracy, good government, economic policy, human and individual rights and human development with a view to promoting the implementation of the principles contained in the statement of belief. Consistent with the main goal/objects of the DUA, its further objectives are:

  1. to hold, facilitate, fund and organise national and international conferences;
  2. to fund, facilitate, organise and co-ordinate public policy research into all aspects of government throughout Africa;
  3. to publish and facilitate the publishing of books, papers, pamphlets and any other publications which promote the principles of the DUA;
  4. to assist political parties and other bodies, associations and groups having the same or similar objectives;
  5. to monitor and report on events which occur throughout Africa which either promote or impede democratic reform in Africa;
  6. to promote and defend the ideals and cultural heritage of pluralist democracies in Africa;
  7. to fight against corruption in the body politic of African countries;
  8. to promote harmony and foster political tolerance throughout Africa;
  9. to do all things and to engage in all activities generally which are necessary to any of the aforegoing specified objectives of the DUA; and
  10. to do all things, within means, as may be necessary to assist member parties in achieving these goals.
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